Thought of the Day January 26, 2023 One measure

By 10:00 AM

 "The measure you measure will be measured back to you." This is a sober thought Jesus teaches us in the scriptures.  He is reminding us that God will use the same measure that we use to return to us. So if we want God to be merciful to us, then we have to show mercy to others. We can't have it both ways: we treat others with severe judgement but want God to show us only his mercy. The same is true across the board. If we want God's love, then show love; if we want God's forgiveness, then show forgiveness; if we want God's providential care, then show the same to others. How different would our life be if we saw and approach it with the lens of one measure. This is another way of saying treat others as you would want to be treated.  Basic principle of life.

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