Thought of the Day January 30, 2023 Jesus, our center.

By 9:44 AM

 "Jesus’ response to our worry-filled lives is quite different. He asks us to shift the point of gravity, to relocate the center of our attention, to change our priorities. Jesus wants us to move from the “many things” to the “one necessary thing.” It is important for us to realize that Jesus in no way wants us to leave our many-faceted world. Rather, he wants us to live in it, but firmly rooted in the center of all things. Jesus does not speak about a change of activities, a change of contacts, or even a change of pace. He speaks about a change of heart. This change of heart makes everything different, even while everything appears to remain the same. This is the meaning of “Set your hearts on his kingdom first . . . and all these other things will be given you as well.” What counts is where our hearts are. When we worry, we have our hearts in the wrong place. Jesus asks us to move our hearts to the center, where all other things fall into place." Henri Nouwen

As disciple/witnesses of the Lord Jesus Christ, our center of gravity is to be himself. Where our heart is, there is our treasure. If our heart is centered in Jesus, as the Lord of our lives, then our treasure is found in shared life with him. But if our heart is centered in other things, there is our treasure, which is susceptible to lost. Where our heart is, there will be the focus of our life. It sets the priorities for us. Because we are weak and tend to fall short of our life in Christ, we need regularly to choose the most important thing and realign our sights on our eternal inheritance. Otherwise, we may find ourselves far from the mark. If Jesus is not the center of our life now, how can we expect him to be later, when it counts? 

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