Thought of the Day January 25, 2023 Trust in the love of God

By 10:52 AM

 For many it is easier to love someone else, but harder to receive love from another, as much as we want to be loved. Why is that? It could be the result of some inner wound we experienced from the past. As a result we are afraid of being vulnerable again, of getting hurt again. And yet without that part of me being fulfilled, there will always be a void in my life. Just as to love is a risk, so allowing ourselves to be loved is a risk. But the risk is worth it. I may be rejected or I may be embraced. The rejection will be painful but the embrace healing. As much as this is true with our relationship with others, it is also true with our relationship with God. We want God in our life, but at a distance. He desires to embrace us in his love, but respects us. Pray for the grace to trust in the love of God.

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