Thought of the Day January 9, 2023 The grace of Baptism

By 11:38 AM

 As we celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, we need to take this time to reflect on our own Baptism. For the most part we were too young to remember. While God’s love was shown us in creating and sustaining us, His greater love was manifested when he re-generated us in the saving waters of baptism. As he gave us human life through conception, in baptism he gives us a share in his own divine life, adopting us as his son or daughter, pouring his Holy Spirit upon us. We are beloved like Jesus. We are filled with the Holy Spirit like Jesus. Now, like Jesus we are called to live consciously our relationship with the Father by doing his will. Like Jesus we are called to yield to the move of the Holy Spirit in our life as a Christian, giving testimony by our deeds of love. God, thank you for the grace of Baptism.

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