Thought of the Day April 10 2023 Truth or lie

By 10:35 AM

 As we celebrate the Octave of Easter, we are given a grace moment to reflect on the event of the Resurrection. In today's Gospel there are two responses to Jesus' resurrection. One was that of the religious leaders. Not wanting to believe that Jesus had risen, they told the guards at the tomb to lie and say his disciples stole his body while they were sleeping. The other response was that of the women who went to the tomb. They encountered the risen Lord and told the disciples that he is risen. We can choose to deny the truth or we can proclaim it boldly. The denial can be as subtle as the way we live or the way we talk. The proclamation can be as simple as wearing a cross visibly or praying before meals in public places and not being ashamed of our faith in the risen Lord.

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