Thought of the Day April 3, 2023 In Christ all is transformed

By 10:09 AM

 During Holy Week, let us reflect on the mystery of the cross.  "We are limited and vulnerable; illness, frustration, suffering, and death are integral parts of our life." To place this experience in the context of our following of Jesus opens us to a release of spirit within us. In Christian faith, suffering and death do not have the last word, but are ultimately overcome in the mystery of God's mercy which meets us in Christ." Fr. Segundo Galilea

The sufferings of life are part of the human journey. Human suffering of itself seems meaningless. But Jesus's suffering and death on the cross has given meaning and purpose to our human suffering, especially when  it is caused by others. What is that meaning? Suffering is not the end. Suffering united to Christ's is redemptive both for us and for others. The cross ended Jesus' earthly life. The resurrection revealed his glorified life as Lord. So too our suffering united to Christ will open us to shared glorified life with God. "O death, where is your victory?"

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