Thought of the Day April 24, 2023 The Spirit moves

By 10:40 AM

 “When we pray, it is because the Holy Spirit inspires prayer in our heart. When we break the cycle of our self-centerdness, and move beyond ourselves and go out to encounter others, to listen to them and help them, it is the Spirit of God who impels us to do so. When we find within a hitherto unknown ability to forgive, to love someone who doesn’t love us in return, it is the Spirit who has taken hold of us. When we move beyond mere self-serving words and turn to our brothers and sisters with that tenderness which warms the heart, we have indeed been touched by the Holy Spirit.” Pope Francis

The move of the Spirit within us is like the wind. We hear its sound but do not know where it comes from or goes. So it is with the Holy Spirit. Like a gentle breeze he comes and goes. The more we are attuned to his movement, the more we are able to respond to the grace of the moment he gives us. It is good for us to pray regularly, "Come, Holy Spirit, come", so that our hearts are open to his workings within us. Sometimes it is in hindsight that we realize the move of the Spirit. But it was our openness to his workings that enable him to work through us. The Spirit worked wonders through the various saints of the past not because they were saints, but because they were open.

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