Thought of the Day April 13, 2023 Be courageous

By 1:06 PM

 One of the gifts of the Holy Spirit we receive is that of courage to be frank and bold in the sharing of our faith. We see this in the life of Jesus, who fearlessly proclaimed the Good News of God's love with boldness, in spite of the negative reactions of those who refused to believe. We see this in the life of the Apostles after Pentecost. Previously fearful of the authorities, now in the power of the Holy Spirit, they boldly proclaimed the Risen Christ and the need for repentance. The same has been true throughout the centuries since, Spirit-filled Christians courageously willing to proclaim the Gospel of salvation, at the cost of their possessions and their lives. Hebrews 10:35 urges us: "And so, do not lose your courage, which has a great reward." Remember it is not you who speaks, but the Spirit in you, who gives us the words and the courage. 

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