Thought of the Day April 26, 2023 The Spirit urges us on

By 11:08 AM

 Have we ever resisted the move of the Holy Spirit? Have we ever felt like Peter as he experienced the transfigured glory of Jesus on Mt. Tabor? Have we ever felt: "Lord, it is good to be here. Let us stay in this moment of joy"? With the Spirit there is no standing still. He urges us on to the next moment where we will experience the plan of God. As Jesus urged Peter to go down the mountain high to the cross and resurrection, so the Spirit urges us to the next cross and resurrection in our life. It is doing the will of God in the moment that we will in time see the plan of God in our life. This is the role of the Spirit, not to allow complacency or inertia to prevent us from doing the will of God in this moment of our life. He tells us "There is more."

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