Thought of the Day April 28, 2023 Healing through the Spirit

By 10:17 AM


"In and through Jesus we come to know God as a powerless God, who becomes dependent on us. But it is precisely in this powerlessness that Gods power reveals itself. This is not the power that controls, dictates, and commands. It is the power that heals, reconciles, and unites. It is the power of the Spirit. When Jesus appeared people wanted to be close to him and touch him because power came out of him” (Luke 6:19).

It is this power of the divine Spirit that Jesus wants to give us. The Spirit indeed empowers us and allows us to be healing presences. When we are filled with that Spirit, we cannot be other than healers." Henri Nouwen

The coming of the Spirit upon Jesus, the coming of the Spirit upon us is not an after thought. It is part of the revealed plan of God that all of us be baptized in the Holy Spirit, be filled with the Holy Spirit. He comes not only to sanctify us, which we need, but also to anoint and empower us for the proclamation of the Good News of our Salvation through Jesus. He comes to heal and restore us so that in turn we may be instrument of healing for others, both spiritual and physical.  Pray for the release of that gift in a fresh new way.

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