Thought of the Day April 17, 2023 Spiritual Growth

By 10:27 AM

 An unknown author says that a person who starts a new life (such as in Baptism) similar to that of a newborn infant can follow these Seven Rules that promote good health in babies and can be adapted and be applied to a Christian's spiritual growth. These seven rules are:

1 Daily Food: Reading and reflecting on the Word of God and receiving the Eucharist.

2. Fresh Air: Prayer is the oxygen of the soul.

3 Regular exercise: Put into practice what you learn in God's word.

4. Adequate rest. Rely on God at all times in simple faith.

5 Clean Surroundings. Avoid evil company and whatever will weaken you spiritually.

6 Loving Care. Sharing with a loving community.

7. Periodic Checkups: Regularly examine your spiritual health. 

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