Thought of the Day Cross, path to a fuller life

By 10:22 AM

 "The cross as suffering and contradiction, as persecution and even death, is a result of faithful commitment to Jesus and his Gospel of the Kingdom. This is the fullest meaning of participation in the paschal mystery because this is the primary form of Jesus' own suffering witness. Although martyrdom is its highest expression, it includes fidelity to the Spirit in times of conflict."

How do we suffer during conflicts and disagreements with others? Do we retaliate or do we, knowing the truth, speak only the truth in love? Jesus not only said to "turn the other cheek", he suffered multiple strikes against him without striking back. Was it a sign of strength or weakness?  He showed us how to overcome evil by doing good, by choosing to love. Embracing the cross of suffering at the hands of others is a contradiction to some and a stumbling block to others. But to those who believe, it is the path to a fuller life with Christ.

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