Thought of the Day August 17, 2023 Test of faith

By 10:22 AM

 Sometimes, we wonder why our prayers seem not to be heard by God. We persist in our prayers even though we are not getting the answer we are hoping for. God may be testing our faith. Like Peter, we can be very brash and quick to speak. "Lord, if it is you, tell me to come to you on the water." "Come." Peter's faith was initially strong, but his fear became stronger than his faith. He began to sink. Peter failed the test that he himself set. In contrast, the Cannanite woman, a foreigner, who wanted Jesus to deliver her daughter from a demon, began by saying in faith, "Lord, Son of David." She acknowledged that Jesus was the possible Messiah. Jesus doesn't act immediately. He tested her faith by seemingly ignoring her and even dismissing her. But her faith that he could heal her daughter and the love she had for her daughter were stronger than her personal feelings. She persisted, even humbling herself. She passed the test of faith. Jesus healed her daughter. Are we persistent in our faith, even if no response is given to us? Don't give up. Keep knocking.

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