Thought of the Day August 21, 2023 Receiving a gift

By 10:33 AM

Sometimes it is harder to receive a gift from another than to give a gift. This may be true in our relationship with God as well. Henri Nouwen said: " A gift only becomes a gift when it is received; and nothing we have to give will ever be recognized as true gifts until someone is open to accept them." Why is it so hard? Is it because we are unworthy? Possibly. Is it because in giving a gift we are in control but in receiving one we feel vulnerable? Possibly. But how many gifts God has poured upon us and we have not been opened to them. What a loss! So many precious graces and signs of his love which could have enhanced us, were never received. Could that be a sign of ingratitude? Lord, help me to be open to all that you want to give me and in turn help me to give what you want me to give to others. In that way we will both grow.

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