Thought of the Day August 8, 2023 No "just in case"

By 9:58 AM


I remember hearing a story of a man who was at sea alone in a small boat. A storm arose, battered the little boat and threatened to overwhelm it. The man prayed. Then he distinctly saw Jesus coming toward him, walking on the waters. Remembering the story from the gospel, he cried out, Lord, if it is you, order me to come to you on the water.” “Come,” Jesus answered. So the man put on a life jacket, stepped over the boats gunwale, stepped onto the churning water and walked to Jesus. Jesus said to him, Why did you doubt my word, O man of little faith?” “Lord, I did not doubt your word!” the man protested. Then why the life preserver,” Jesus asked. Oh, that!” the man replied: that was just in case.”

How many times in our relationship with God, we have a "just in case" backup plan. We say we trust the Lord in our words, but we show by our actions that we do not. If we can not trust the Lord without a "just  in case", then we don't really trust in the Lord, but in our own efforts. For if the Lord is not real, "just in case" will mean nothing eternally. Surrendering to the Lord's providence involves total trust without any ifs ands or buts, no "just in case".  That is scary. But that is what trusts involves.

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