Thought of the Day August 30, 2023 Leaning on Jesus

By 10:14 AM

 One of the sins Jesus condemns is hypocrisy. He says that is when people's lives are not consistent. On the outside they look holy and righteous, but on the inside they are prideful, judgmental, self-righteous and hardened of heart. Their lives are a show.  On the other hand, Jesus honored the sinner who was repentant, open to change, and teachable. They knew there was something essential missing in their live and they sought the truth.  Jesus said he came not for the self-righteous, those who did not need healing. He came for the sinners who are seeking healing. We are struggling sinners always in need of God's mercy, always in need of change and renewal. When we think we can stand on our own, then we will fall on our face. When we acknowledge our need for Jesus, then we can stand leaning on him.

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