Thought of the Day August 2, 2023 Our part

By 10:26 AM


Engraved on an old slab in the Cathedral in Germany, are these words:

You call me Master, and obey me not.

You call me Light, and see me not,    

You call me Way, and walk not,

You call me wise and follow me not

You call me fair and love me not        

You call me rich and ask me not

You call me eternal and seek me not

You call me gracious and trust me not

You call me noble and serve me not

You call me mighty and honor me not

You call me just and fear me not

If I condemn you, blame me not.

It is easy for us to live externally, as if we are responding to God, but in fact are not. Knowing the right words but not living the life, does not impress God. We can go through life superficially in our relationship with God and be confronted with the truth on the day of judgment. Or we can put into action what we say on our lips and hopefully be blessed by God on the day of judgment. Someone once said that God will not save us without our cooperation. 

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