Thought of the Day August 24, 2023 To be guileless

By 9:38 AM

 We are called to be guileless as followers of Jesus. Paul tells us that we are to speak the truth in all we say. Many of us struggle with what we call "the little lie". We even try to justify it as not that bad. But in the eyes of God a lie is a lie, no matter how much we try to sugar coat it. The lie is one of the ways the Father of lies try to trip us up. It is a deception. It is not a reflection of the Father of Truth who lives in us. To be guileless is not easy. It takes discipline and cooperation with the grace of God. We have to learn to think before we speak or react. We have to be committed to speak the truth no matter the consequences. Not easy, but necessary if we wish to grow in holiness. 

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