Thought of the Day July 4, 2016

By 11:28 AM

"There is so much talk of wasted lives. However, wasted only is the life of a man who never realized that God exists and that he, his very self, stands before this God." (S. Kierkegaard) To the world those who try to live a godly life are considered to be losers, brain-washed, cultic and from the dark ages. To the world the enlightened, secular and progressive thinker is living on the cutting edge and forging history. But in the end the one who believes in God and the one who doesn’t need a god will one day both stand before God who will reveal whose life was wasted and whose was not. As Pascal once said, I rather wager that there is a God than there is not. For if I wager that there is a God and there is not, I have lost nothing, except a few pleasures on earth. But if I wager that there is no God and there is, then I have lost everything for eternity.

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