Thought of the Day July 7, 2016

By 11:19 AM

"With Christ we have nothing to fear. Nothing and no one can do us harm, if we ourselves do not allow it. After the coming of Christ, said an ancient Father of the Church, Satan is like a tethered dog: he can bark and fling himself as much as he wants but, if we do not approach him, he cannot bite. Jesus freed himself from Satan in the desert to free us from Satan." In other words, we are to keep our distance from temptations: these are the enticements of Satan. If we stay in the arms of Jesus, the Evil One can’t distract us or do us any lasting harm. Only when we give him any attention, listen to his offerings are we eventually caught in the grasp of his bite. The best defense against Satan is to flee and not to engage. Avoid doing hand to hand combat with him. Rather learn to laugh and not to take him at face value for he can’t take being unmasked as a fraud.

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