Thought of the Day July 5, 2016

By 11:34 AM

"Spiritual life demands that you never turn back or stop going forward; but rather that, as soon as you taste it, you make progress day by day and, forgetting what lies behind, strain forward to what lies ahead." ( Saint Anthony Mary Zaccaria) There is no plateau on the climb up the spiritual mountain. There may be pause times but no stopping times. For in the laws of spiritual gravity, if you are not moving upwards, you will begin moving downwards. The gravity of grace pulls us upward; the gravity of sin pulls us downward. The higher we climb a mountain, the slower the pace and the harder it is. So it is in the spiritual life. The initial climb was simple and easy. The more we surrender to the call of God to grow in holiness the more difficult life becomes. That is why a climber does not look back but forwards to the summit. The same is true in our spiritual journey. We don’t look back but keep our eyes on the prize which is ahead of us, life with God eternally.

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