Thought of the Day June 6, 2016

By 10:20 AM

Father, what would my life be if I would let you write the script? What if I chose to follow your plan for me without question? It would be totally different. Did you not write the script for Jesus' life? It was full of struggles and hardships, pain and suffering, rejection and criticism, along with many joys and blessings. You wrote the script allowing others to exercise their free will wrongly. The difference between Jesus and myself is that he totally embraced your will and I have tried to rewrite my life according to my will. What a shambles have I made my life at times! At this point, I do not know the end of my story. But it is never to late to submit my will to yours, trusting, no matter what, you desire me to be with you forever. This can only be done moment by moment, following your script.

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