Thought of the Day June 20, 2016

By 9:42 AM

In the Gospel the Lord reveals a sobering truth: "the measure with which you measure will be measured back to you." We could say today: "choose your poison". In another passage in the scriptures we are told: "treat others the way you wished to be treated." If we want to be treated with mercy, then be merciful. If we want to receive love, then love. If we want to be respected, then respect. If we don't wish to be judged, then do not judge. (There is a difference between judgment and sincere correction out of love.) If we wish to be forgiven, then forgive. In a sense, the Lord is saying that if we follow his way of life, he will judge us by that standard. On the other hand, if we follow our human standard, contrary to his, then we will still be judged by the only true standard, his revelations in the scriptures. There is only one rule of life, his. He says this in scripture: "I will not judge you, but my word will."

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