Thought of the Day July 8, 2016

By 11:23 AM

There is a difference between loving someone and being in love with that person. I can love many people, but I am in love with God and a spouse. I can love sincerely and deeply or merely on the surface. But when I am in love, I am all in. I desire nothing nor no one but this other. Nothing else matters except making the other central in my life. To love and to be in love are choices. When someone loves many people, that person is like a bee that goes from flower to flower. But when someone is in love, his needs are fulfilled in the other. Peter had a friendship love for Jesus. The Lord challenged him to fall in love with him, to have an agape love, an all in love. Only then would Peter be fulfilled. Is martyrdom a sign of such love? Wasn’t this what Jesus was intimidating to Peter about his future after Pentecost?

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