Thought of the Day June 30, 2016

By 10:19 AM

We live in the reality of mystery, in the reality of revealed truth and in the reality of the present moment. In this moment we experience the tension between good and evil. In the midst of this tension is the gift of free will, which itself is a mystery. Why would God give me a gift by which I can freely choose against him? Revealed truth tells me, so that I can choose to love God. Yet because of the law of sin within me, I don't always make that choice in the present moment. The mystery of God's grace is given to enable me to make the choice of love. What is this grace? It is the realization that God loves me  unconditionally and that I am called to respond in love. Embracing and responding in love enables me to act in selfless love. Without mystery and revealed truth the present moment would be difficult to navigate.

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