Thought of the Day November 1, 2019 He is within

By 10:35 AM

A little girl was standing with  her grandfather by an old-fashioned open well. They had just lowered a bucket and had drawn some water to drink. She asked her grandfather: "Papa, where does God live?" The old man picked up the little girl and held her over the open well. "Look down at the water," he said, "and tell me what you see." "I see myself," said the little girl. "That's where God lives," said the old man, "He lives in you."

A mystery and a fact that we need to reflect on every day. When God chose us as his adopted son or daughter and shared his divine life with us in Baptism, God made his dwelling in us. We became a Temple of the Holy Spirit. How conscious of his presence are we? How responsive to his presence are we? When we talk to God, we are not talking to some distant being, but one who dwells within, closer to us than any other person. In awe we carry him; in awe we respond to him, in awe we seek to please him by the way we live and speak.

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