Thought of the Day November 8, 2019 The medicine of forgiveness

By 10:05 AM

"In a recent study, Charlotte Witvleit, Ph.D., a psychology professor at Hope College in Holland Michigan, found that when individuals were able to forgive, they experienced greater joy, a more profound sense of control over life and less depression. And so she concluded in  her article that at the bottom line, forgiving  ultimately benefits the forgiver more than the person who has done wrong. So start putting your own well being first and live life with as much gusto and love as you can."

True self-love is spiritually healthy. Forgiveness is the spiritual medicine Jesus, the Doctor, prescribes for us for peace of mind and restoration of right order in our lives. Forgiveness breaks the bond to the other that we have kept alive. It allows us no longer to live in and perpetuate the past pain. Forgiveness opens us up to the healing power of Jesus' death and resurrection in a way nothing else does. How often have we resisted the grace of Jesus to forgive another because we embraced the lie of the Evil One that  we need to hold on to the past. The medicine is readily available. All we need is to take it.

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