Thought of the Day November 5, 2019 Neither hot nor cold

By 10:25 AM

What does a lukewarm Christian look like? Jesus says such a person is neither hot nor cold, but just bland. St. Jean Vianny put it this way: "A lukewarm soul is not yet quite dead in the eyes of God because the faith, the hope, and the charity which are its spiritual life are not altogether extinct. But it is a faith without zeal, a hope without resolution, a charity without a tortoise or a snail. It moves only by dragging itself along the ground, and one can see it getting from place to place with great difficulty. The love of God, which it feels deep down in itself, is like a tiny spark of fire hidden under a heap of ashes....How many seem to be good Christians in the eyes of the world who are really tepid souls in the eyes of God, who knows our inmost hearts...."

Being lukewarm means you say you follow Jesus but really in your heart you don't. It's when your actions and heart for God don't match. This is true of so many. They have everything for the world and nothing at all for God because to them, the world is everything and God is not that important. They have time for many things but little time for God. The world is their lord and not God, who is one among many.  

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