Thought of the Day November 19, 2019 God sees me

By 10:05 AM

God sees me. Ah, what a phrase is this for him who
understands it well ! How capable it is to control our
passions, to moderate our desires, to prevent us from sinning, 
to sustain our courage, to animate our fervor, to
regulate our conduct !

God sees me. He is ever present, always mindful of me,
thinks ever of me; whereas I heed Him not, I am not
attentive to Him, I never think of Him. Oh! shame,
shame !

God sees me. With what respect and modesty ought I
not to behave in His presence ! The Seraphim hide their
faces with their wings, and I, a mere worm of the earth, do
not tremble.

God sees me. Shall I dare, in the presence of Thy
glance so infinitely pure, commit deeds which I dare not
even show to man ? Shall I dare to sin in Thy presence,
knowing that sin and the sinner is hated by Thee, and to
condemn the sinner Thou hast no wish ?.

God sees me. He penetrates into the innermost recesses
of my heart ; He sees therein every desire, and discerns
every intention. With what purity of intention then ought
I not to perform every action.  (Fr. Nepveu, S.J)

How would I truly live if I was conscious that God sees me, not to punish me but to show me his infinite love? There is nothing in my life that is hidden from the all-seeing God who wants the best for me. My response to this awareness should be a desire to live in a way pleasing to him who loves me so

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