Thought of the Day November 18, 2019 Spirituality of the disciple

By 10:29 AM

"Then all spirituality is comprised in fidelity to the will and plan of God....The duties of each moment are the shadows beneath which hides the divine operation....This shadow, beneath which is hidden the power of God for the purpose of bringing forth Jesus Christ in the soul, is the duty, the attraction, or the cross that is presented to us at each moment....

"If the work of our sanctification presents, apparently, the most insurmountable difficulties, it is because we do not know how to form a just idea of it. In reality sanctity can be reduced to one single practice, fidelity to the duties appointed by God. Now this fidelity is equally within each one's power whether in its active practice, or passive exercise.

"(To grow in holiness we) only have to fulfill the simple
duties of Christianity and of (our) state of life; to embrace with submission the crosses belonging to that state, and to submit with faith and love to the designs of Providence in all those things that have to be done or suffered without going out of (our) way to seek occasions for themselves." (Cascade)

This was the spirituality of Jesus, to do the will of the Father in all circumstances. This is the spirituality of the disciples of Jesus. This happens when we embrace the divine appointments we encounter throughout our day. We may see them as crosses, but God sees them as gifts of grace.

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