Thought of the Day November 12, 2019 Sin

By 10:21 AM

Two sinners visited a holy man and asked his advice. “We have done wrong,” they said, “And our consciences are troubled. What must we do to be forgiven?” “Tell me of your wrongdoing, my sons,” said the holy man. The first man said, “I committed a great and grievous sin.” The second man said: “I have done some small things, nothing much to worry about.”

“Okay, go and bring me a stone for each sin,” said the holy man. The first man came back with a BIG STONE. The second man brought a bag of small stones. “Now”, said the holy man, “Go and put them back where you found them.” The first man lifted the rock and struggled back to the place where he had gotten it.  The second man could not remember where half of the stones belonged, so he gave up, it was too much like work.

“Sins are like these stones,” said the holy man. “If a man commits a great sin, it is like a heavy stone on his conscience, but with true sorrow, it is removed completely. But the man, who is constantly committing small sins which he knows to be wrong, gets hardened to them and feels no sorrow. So he remains a sinner,” continued the holy man. So you see my sons, it is important to avoid little sins so well as big ones. Big sins and little sins are the same. They are still sins.”

How can we respond to this admonition? We need to see sin for what it is, an abomination before the Lord, whether mortal or venial. As a result, we need not to become complacent with sin in our life. Repent and change. By repeating this process, we may be able to see a difference in our life. 

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