Thought of the Day November 4, 2019 What are we holding on to?

By 11:45 AM

There is a legend  involving St. Jerome and the infant Jesus. One Christmas night, right in the very grotto at Bethlehem, St. Jerome was praying and thinking about the birth of Jesus. Suddenly our Lord appeared to him as an infant surrounded by a dazzling light. "Jerome," the Infant Jesus asked, "what are you giving me for my birthday?" "Divine Infant," replied the saint, "I give you my heart." "Yes, but give me something more." "I give you all that I am." "There is still something more that I want." "Divine Infant, I have nothing more. What is that I can give you?" "Jerome, give me your sins. Give me your sins that I may pardon all of them." "Divine Babe," exclaimed the saint, "You make me weep." And the saintly man, filled with love of the Infant Jesus, wept for joy."

Have we given everything to the Lord? Do we hold back somethings from him? Is there a particular sin that we are holding on to because we can't let it go? He is the Lord of our lives. As such  He wants to be the Lord of everything in our lives. Ask the Lord what are we holding to as our own? Ask him to reveal to us the sin that is holding us in bondage. He wants to bring  us greater freedom and joy. We don't have to wait till Christmas to give this gift.

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