Thought of the Day November 6, 2019 Curiosity

By 10:01 AM

"There is such a thing as healthy curiosity but often we also delve into things we ought not: other peoples' affairs, private matters, sinful things and situations, and so forth. What makes such curiosity to be annexed to pride is that so often we think we have a right to know things we do not. And hence we pridefully and indiscreetly look into things that we ought not, things that are not for us to know, or which are inexpedient and distracting for us, or perhaps the knowledge which we seek is beyond our ability to handle well. But casting all caution aside and with a certain prideful and privileged sense we pry, meddle, and look into things we ought not as if we had a right to do so. This is sinful curiosity."

We all fall into this trap of the evil one from time to time. The focus is not love of the other but the desire to know something about the other that is not needed. Our motive is what taints our action or desire. Love seeks the good of the other. This type of curiosity seeks to satisfy ourselves at the expense of the other. It is sinful because it is not motivated by pure love but by selfish love.

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