Thought of the Day March 13, 2020 The breath of life

By 9:52 AM

"Lent is the time to start breathing again. It is the time to open our hearts to the breath of the One capable of turning our dust into humanity. It is not the time to rend our garments before the evil all around us, but instead to make room in our life for all the good we are able to do. It is a time to set aside everything that isolates us, encloses us and paralyzes us. Lent is a time of compassion." Pope Francis

What is this life we need to breathe in afresh? Is it not the life that comes from God, which is love. And if we breathe in love, what is it that we are to exhale? Is it not the effects of sin within us? The breathe of God renews and transforms us by helping us deal with the disease of sin within us. 

We are becoming more aware of the effects of the corona virus that is ravaging the world. We should become more aware of the corona virus of sin that has been devastating us from the beginning of creation. The former virus may cause physical death. But the later virus will cause eternal death. Lent is a time of grace to address the cause of this eternal death, namely sin, in our lives.

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