Thought of the Day March 27, 2020 Fear is useless

By 10:19 AM

Recently, in one of his daily homilies Pope Francis said: "In these days there's so much suffering. There's a lot of fear. The fear of the elderly who are alone in nursing homes or hospitals, or in their own  homes, and don't know what will happen. The fear of those who don't have regular jobs and are thinking about how to feed their children. They foresee they may go hungry. The fear of many civil servants. At this moment they're working to keep society functioning and they might get sick. There's also the fear, the fears, of each one of us. Each one knows what their own fears are. We pray to the Lord that he might help us to trust, and to tolerate and conquer these fears."

First of all, we must acknowledge and face our fears. Secondly, we need to remind ourselves that fear can devastate us if we allow it. Thirdly, we need to turn to the Lord, who is always present to us as our  provider and protector. Fourthly, we need to encourage each other during these times. Fifthly, instead of letting fears become all-encompassing, focus on the many blessings we have and are receiving in the midst of this crisis: the blessings of life, of one another, of health, etc. As Jesus said to Jairus: "Fear is useless. What is needed is trust."

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