Thought of the Day March 23, 2020 Jesus passes by

By 11:02 AM

On reflecting on the Gospel passage where Jesus healed the man born blind, Pope Francis shared these thoughts. "One thing is true. In Jesus' presence, the true sentiments of the heart come forth. Our true attitudes come out. This is a grace. Because of this St. Augustine was afraid to let Him pass by without realizing it....May it provoke our sentiments to come out so we might understand well what St Augustine tells us. 'I am afraid when the Lord passes, because he might pass by and I may not recognize it and convert myself."

Even in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Jesus is in our midst. Rather than focus on fear, we need to become more attentive to his presence in the small things of our daily life where he shows himself. It may be an inspiration to call someone. It may be a thought of spending some time in prayer. It may be something you see on TV which turns your attention to him. Jesus is passing by. Don't miss the grace moment in each present moment of the day. 

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