Thought of the Day March 26, 2020 Jesus, save us

By 10:43 AM

As we continue our journey to the cross and resurrection, especially during this trying crisis that could lead to despair, I chosen the following words of Pope Leo the Great for our daily reflection.

"No one, however weak, is denied a share in the victory of the cross. No one i s beyond the help of the prayer of Christ. His prayer brought benefit to the multitude that raged against him. How much more does it bring to those who turn to him in repentance....The business of this life should not preoccupy us with its anxiety and pride, so that we no longer strive with all the love of our heart to be like our Redeemer, and to follow his example. Everything that he did or suffered was for our salvation: he wanted his body to share the goodness of its head."

In the midst of every crises stands the cross of Jesus as our hope. What can separate us from the love of God? Definitely not this or any crisis. The Lord is still present with us and within us. We are to keep our eyes on the cross of the Lord.

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