Thought of the Day July 14, 2020 Noise deafens; silence frightens

By 10:18 AM

Often there is too much noise in our life. Unlike Elijah, we are distracted by the various noise around us, that we can not hear the voice of the Lord. “There is not only physical deafness, which to a great extent isolates man in social life. There is a hearing defect in relation to God, and we suffer it especially in our time. We are simply no longer able to hear Him; too many diverse frequencies occupy our hearing. What is said about Him appears pre-scientific to us and no longer seems adequate for our times. With this hearing defect, or even with deafness towards God, naturally we also lose our ability to speak with Him or to Him. Nevertheless, in this way we lack a decisive perception. Our interior senses run the risk of atrophy. On lacking that perception, the radius of our relation with reality in general becomes drastically and dangerously limited.”(Pope Benedict XVI, Homily, September 10, 2006)

It was in embracing silence that Elijah heard the still voice of God. Why are we afraid of silence? Is it because we are afraid of what we may discover about ourselves? Is it because we lack the discipline to wait upon the Lord? The paradox we face: noise deafens us, silence frightens us. If I want to hear the still voice of God, I need to learn how to enter into and embrace the silence.

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