Thought of the Day July 29, 2020 He is with us

By 10:05 AM

Sometimes, in the midst of the chaos of our present world, we may feel like the Israelites in the Old Testament.  They  asked where was God? They did not ask themselves what have we done to feel so separated from God? They refused to see how as a people they had broken their covenant with God, even though there was a remnant who was faithful.  God had not abandoned them, for God loved them with an everlasting love. He sent prophets to call them back to him.  Unfortunately, it took chastisements to get their attention.

The faithful, then as now, know that God has not abandoned them. Jesus said, I will be with you until the end of time and my Spirit will be with you to guide you to the truth.  The Lord, who may be "asleep" in the stern of our boat, will calm the storms and the waves, as we cry out to him. But we must stay in the boat with him and not abandon ship.

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