Thought of the Day July 17, 2020 Silence, entrance to the wow moment

By 11:17 AM

Sometimes the silence of God is a grace to go deeper. We look for the obvious answers on the surface of life. Those have come, but now God  may be calling us to go deeper, below the surface to where the rich treasure lies. Like panning for gold, the specks are few and far between. We need to search for the mother lode. Silence is like that. 

Someone has said, “Perhaps it’s not silence we’re encountering while we seek God, but rather a pregnant pause – a prompting to engage in personal reflection so that the deepest of answers, the most profound of responses, can be given and received.” When Jesus said to seek and you will find, he may have meant to seek in the depth of silence to find the deeper blessing God has for us.

In these times of silence someone liken God to a master teacher. The teacher can give the answer outright or "will ask a question and wait for the answer in silence, especially when the answer is not correct.  It is in this pregnant silence that a deeper answer may be discovered and a new level of learning takes place." That is when the wow moment occurs, a breakthrough in our relationship with God. 

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