Thought of the Day July 7, 2020 The silence of God

By 9:55 AM

The sacred authors tell us that silence is not empty, but rather full of the divine presence. “Silence guards the mystery,
Of God.” (Cardinal Sarah) “God’s first language is silence.” (Saint John of the Cross) Sacred Scripture invites us to enter into this silence if we want to find Him.

When you pray and hear only silence from heaven, know that God is working in that silence.  When God seems to be silent it may be to remind us that he is God and we are not. Pope John Paul II said: “The more man grows in the knowledge of God, the more he perceives him as an inaccessible mystery, whose essence cannot be draws close to this presence above all by letting oneself be taught an adoring silence, for at the culmination of the knowledge and experience of God is his absolute transcendence.” 

 He is not at our beck and call. How often has God spoken and we did not respond. Why should he respond every time we speak. In those times God reminds us: "Be still and know that I am God."

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