Thought of the Day July 22, 2020 Fortitude or foolishness

By 10:17 AM

While fortitude is a virtue, brashness or foolishness is a vice. They
are the illustration of the difference between the wheat and weed in
the Gospel. Though both may look the same, they are essentially
different. It is a brash or foolish man that, for the fun or the thrill of it, 
walks a tight rope between two high roofs with no safety harness or 
safety net. It is virtuous man of great fortitude that would rush into a 
burning building to rescue someone crying for help. One risks his life 
for the thrill and the applause of the crowd; the other risks his life to 
save another life, if possible.

How often have we been brash and foolish when it comes to our 
eternity. We choose sin rather than fight the temptation. We think 
that we can always repent later.  It takes a courageous person to 
choose to embrace God and avoid sin because the consequences 
are eternal. The foolish person doesn't want to think of the eternal
consequences but wants the thrill of the moment.

We pray for the grace to be virtuously courageous rather than 
foolish and brash. 

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