Thought of the Day July 28, 2020 God's business

By 10:42 AM

Back in the time of England's Queen Elizabeth the First, there was a retired admiral of the Royal Navy who in his retirement was now running a t to thriving business. The Queen asked him to return to military service during a time of a national crisis. The man hesitated, asking "but what will become of my business?" The Queen replied: "You look after my business,  and I will look after your business."

How often we fail to remember that our business or our work is God's above all. If we focus on God's business, will he not take care of ours in a way we could never imagine? But if we forget God's business, what chance has ours? What is God's business? Being a true disciple/witness of the gift of salvation and eternal life, given to us in Baptism and enhanced in Confirmation.  We don't have to neglect our business to do  God's business, nor should we neglect God' business to do ours.

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