Thought of the Day July 23, 2020 "Fear not, I am with you".

By 12:05 PM

As we continue our reflection on the virtue of fortitude we now focus on one of the blocks to being courageous used by the Evil One. It is fear or cowardice. Again, where real fortitude is a virtue, cowardice is a vice. There is a natural fear such as fear of wild, dangerous animals. But the fear that rises as a block to courage is the fear of the unknown, fear of the cost to oneself.

How often in the scriptures does God addressed this hesitation of the heart by saying upfront: "Fear not." When God was giving someone a new task that seemed humanly impossible, the Almighty would call out the fear and remind the person that the he, the Lord, would be with him/her. This grace stirred the virtue of courage within the person, who then, facing the odds did what God commanded. Though they experience much hardship in the process, they kept their eyes on the Lord throughout.

God promises us this same grace when we need to be virtuously courageous to accomplish the will of God for us in the present moment. "Fear not, I am with you." Alone, we can not succeed, but with his strength, we shall be victorious.

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