Thought of the Day October 14, 2020 An original or a photocopy?

By 10:13 AM

"All people are born as originals but many die as photocopies" (Blessed Carlos Acutis).

What a perceptive insight from a young teenager, who recently was beatified!

We come into this world as one of a kind, as unique as each snowflake. Our uniqueness is enhanced, when in Baptism we became an adopted son or daughter of God. What will we look like when we die? Will we retain our God-given unique identity or will we allow sin to deform and corrode us like all other sinners who die alienated from God? The brilliance of each saint is different and unique. The darkness of each eternal sinner is the same. What is the difference? Saints overflow with the eternal life of God; eternal sinners exist in the eternal death of darkness. Will you be an original or a photocopy?

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