Thought of the Day October 9, 2020 Eternal life

By 10:44 AM

Is eternal life something in the future or is it here and now? What is eternal life? Is it not life with and in God forever? Is it not God's divine life shared with us? From the moment I was born, though I will die physically, I will live eternally. When I was baptized, I, by the grace of God, was given a share in God's own eternal life. It is the will of God that I live in his life eternally. But whether I do or not, depends on my response to the grace God gives me in my present life. If I cherish his life, then I will persevere in his life. If something becomes more important to me and I choose that over his in-dwelling presence, I will lose a share in his life. If I die in this state, then I will live eternally but not in his eternal life. 

Our attitude should be that of the people in one of Jesus' parables. When one finds a great treasure in a field, a pearl of great price, the person will sell everything in order to obtain this great treasure. What is greater than eternal life in and with God? We didn't have to find this treasure. It was given to us. But how important is it to us and to what length will we treasure it? How conscious am I of this treasure? What am I doing to respond to it?

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