Thought of the Day October 28, 2020 Temptation

By 2:11 PM

"Let the enemy rage at the gate, let him knock, let him push, let him cry, let him howl, we know for certain that he cannot enter save by the door of our consent." (St. Francis de Sales) 

Temptation is part of each person's journey from Adam and Eve till the last living human being. Even the perfect man, Jesus, experienced many temptations. The one thing that was different between Adam, the man, and Jesus, the Man, was Adam consented to the temptations. Jesus resisted. Adam forgot to keep God as his focus. Instead, he made his need for self-satisfaction the center of his life at the moment. Jesus, on the other hand, chose to keep the Father as his point of reference and not himself. 

The Tempter knows the weakness of each person and tries to exploit this in his effort to separate us from God.  Adam and Eve forgot that they were created by God and depended on God. They sought to be equal to God. On the other hand, Jesus knew he was the Son of the Father. In his humanity, Jesus was dependent on the Father, to do the will of the Father no matter the cost to himself.  This is the example Jesus left us in dealing with the Tempter's effort to separate us from God, the beginning and the end of our life.

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