Thought of the Day October 27, 2020 Procrastination

By 9:54 AM

 There were three young devils their taking final examination in Hell. They were trembling in cold sweat despite the heat. Their Principal, Professor Satan, looked at them and said: “Just one question, what will you do on earth to bring a rich harvest of souls to me?”

The first devil answered: “I will tell the people that God doesn’t exist.” “Bad approach,” Satan grumbles, “too many know deep in their hearts that my enemy exists, especially when they are about to die.”

The second devil shivered even more when he said: “I will tell them that hell doesn’t exist.” “Bad approach,” Satan sneered, “too many experience already a hell of a life and know that sin leads to eternal misery.”

The third devil was terrified by the bad results of this exam. But he was a clever fellow. He said: “I will tell the people that there is no hurry to change. That there is always a tomorrow.” “Splendid! You may graduate. You will bring souls to me by the millions.”

Procrastination is a very effective tool of the Evil one in luring Christians into a false sense of security. What we do today may be the final seal determining our eternity. We are not guaranteed a tomorrow. Each day of our lives we are called to live a life worthy of our calling as sons and daughters of God. Telling God that we were planning to change will not cut it. God will reveal to us at the time of judgement the many times he offered us the grace to change and the times we rejected his grace. We were like St Augustine who told God that he wanted to be holy, but not today.  

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