Thought of the Day October 6, 2020 Great things for God

By 9:40 AM

A Saint has said: "The greatest honor God can bestow upon a soul is not to give to it great things, but to ask of it great things." 

Why so? Sometimes the person can become spoiled, if it is always given great things by God. An expectation develops that life should always be that. In fact, life is not one blessing after another. What forms the person is, having recognized the great blessings God has already given, the person seeks to respond with loving gratitude. 

What can I do for God? What is the great things God seeks from me? As simple as it is, it is still one of the hardest things for us to do. Total surrender in love to God, seeking to do his will in all things. That's the lesson Jesus revealed to us, both in word and in action. That's the lesson that makes ordinary human beings into saints. 

God desires us to live our present state of life in a way that reflects his glory. He is not asking us to embrace abject poverty, to afflict our bodies with cruel torture, to seek a martyr's death. But he is asking of us to embrace a life of love and service, according to his will. 

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