Thought of the Day June 15, 2021 The goal of joy

By 10:16 AM


Joy is the certain sign that life has achieved its goal”. (Henri Bergson)


What is the goal of our life? Why do we exist? We have been created, as we once learned, “to know, love and serve the Lord and be happy with him forever.” This joy doesn’t begin in heaven. Our joy begins in the present moment and continues as we know, love and serve the Lord. Doing the will of the Father brought great joy to Jesus in the present moment. But Jesus’ joy was also focused on him glorifying the Father and experiencing the glory of the Father once more. So too should joy be for us, doing the will of the Father in the present moment. Joy in the present moment will become joy in the eternal moment, where we will experience the glory of God. God is the God of joy, not of sadness.

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